Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility gives Lumena Pharmaceuticals the ability to make capsules, tablets and powder products. All Lumena products are made in accordance with GMP guidelines in a GMP-compliant, FDA-registered facility. Our quality assurance team oversees each batch, from initial product design to final quality checks to ensure that our high standards are constantly being met.

Biotech manufacturers seeking a transformation in efficiency, velocity and capacity must leverage a complete toolkit of analytics, optimization and simulation. Rigorous analytics support key decisions and cost-benefit analyses, and can identify low-capital opportunities. Optimization improves throughput, timeline reliability, turnaround time, product quality and efficiency. Simulation helps answer strategic and operational questions and evaluate policy changes and different scenarios. Simulation is also a robust testing platform for optimization solutions and other operational software that is too time-consuming or costly to test in the field.

Lumena is the “go to” firm for custom, advanced analytics, services and solutions, is offering executives a complimentary assessment to identify manufacturing improvement opportunities. Contact us to set up an introductory call to learn more and mutually structure the assessment.

Life Sciences and Biotech Contract Manufacturing Experience

We have years of innovation and manufacturing experience working with companies, from venture capital-backed startups, to Fortune 100 companies, Lumena has prepared for the very best in nutraceutical and biotech products, from concept through to commercialization. Lumena develops, manufactures and globally fulfills a diverse range of butraceutical and life science products.

Recent Development and Manufacturing Programs Include:

  • Digital droplet-based PCR instrumentation
  • Automated liquid handling and precision fluid measuring
  • Automated sample storage systems for biological sample management
  • Cryogenic devices
  • Fecal sludge ingestor systems
  • High throughput screening
  • Molecular laboratory automation solutions
  • Human biology emulation systems
  • Automated cell culture instruments