Lumena Pharmaceuticals is a global biotechnology company providing smart and innovative solutions to the world's evolving pharmaceutical needs.

Who we are

Lumena Pharmaceuticals was founded by scientists, dedicated to leveraging their expertise in biomedical research to optimize human health and longevity. Our products reflect years of experience in various clinical, biomedical and research environments. Using our combined knowledge and experience, we strive to bring the most advanced health optimization and longevity products to the market.

Additionally, we offer various laboratory and consulting services to our partners in industry. Lumena operates state-of-the-art biological research and testing facilities, which provide invaluable services to our strategic associates. Although our portfolio represents years of knowledge and progression, each step forward has shown us how much progress there is still to be made.

Our Team

Lumena is a growing team of gifted scientists, researchers, and creative minds dedicated to innovation, and playing a key role in redefining health care for the consumer.

Our company headquarters is in Mission Viejo, CA.


To push innovation forward, with vigor and an unwavering passion to identify the gaps in modern medicine, by producing ethically sound, tangible health care options that make sense to the consumer. Utilizing collaboration, exceptional talent, principled business practices and a firm grasp of our industry, Lumena paves the way in expanding a universal understanding of Longevity, Metabolism, Gene Therapy and Immunology.