Lumena Pharmaceuticals will be a verified-accredited wholesale distributor of generic pharmaceutical brands, wholesale pharmaceuticals, and specialty generics. We will use our decades of experience in the biotech and nutraceutical industry to adapt to this field, which is known for requiring high attention to detail in the shipping & handling process. We are well versed in the care, logistical challenges and the special handling requirements of the full range of these and other niche categories.

We are growing into a leading specialty and branded multinational pharmaceutical provider company. We will provide high quality, affordable products that treat a broad spectrum of acute and chronic conditions experienced through all stages of life.

Our core categories that received our highest focus during the 2019 financial year included Regional Brands, High Potency & and Nutritionals.

Lumena’s global pharmaceuticals commitment is setting new standards in healthcare and working together with our partners around the world to provide people access to high quality yet affordable medicine.