Company Values

Ethics Statement

Lumena Pharmaceuticals (The Company) is dedicated to the ethical use of biotechnology in a responsible way, from research and the sourcing of ingredients, to design, manufacturing, and finally to the distribution of our products. Lumena is steadfast in the philosophy of improving lives through our work, and this is evident with our best practice approach in all our relationships with secondary and associated companies. We prioritize environmental impact, cultivation of renewable sources of energy, and reducing pollution in the manufacturing process.

Lumena encourages conversation of the ethical and social consequences of scientific developments in biotechnology, and our company works in earnest to establish new technologies that benefit the planet and all life that lives here. As bioethical issues arise, Lumena has a built-in structure, whereby senior management meet to seek sound solutions in line with reducing environmental impact.

The company and its employees will, at all times, demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, truthfulness, and honesty in order to uphold both personal and corporate standings and to inspire confidence and trust in our respective actions.


Lumena and our associated companies interact with biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers, research laboratories, manufacturing facilities and related organizations throughout the United States and across the globe. Our employees apply biological knowledge and techniques to develop products and services for use in the health care industry. The benefits of these products and services include enriching the lives of our customers, all the while striving to employ the use of fewer hazardous chemicals internally and externally, and choosing better compounds that lessen the impact on the earth. Lumena adheres to water conservation standards, employs diversification of energy sources, and follows regulations in reducing and careful storage of hazardous wastes.

We recognize science can greatly improve quality of life, but above all else, we realize biotechnology should be approached with the appropriate mixture of innovation, accountability and modesty. Biotechnology is not a cure-all, although it has produced, and continues to produce, astonishing modernizations for the human race, we believe ethically responsible companies understand that no matter how life-changing the discovery, the consequences are vast to one’s work that fall outside the parameters of decency, a knowing misuse of technology, and misguided experimentation.

With these deliberations considered, Lumena adopts hereafter, the following declaration of our ethical values. Although an ethics statement does not establish any lawful standards of conduct, it is more intended to reach beyond legal requirements and provide an outline of principled practices for ourselves and the members of our greater industry to follow. It is understood that advances in biotechnology are fluid, and we therefore reserve the right to remove, update or add to the statement herein at any time into the future.

Public Voice

The Company will take all reasonable care to avoid misleading statements, concealment, and overstatement in all of its advertising and public declarations or announcements. It will seek to build long-term partnerships with its customers by being honest and straightforward in its dealings at all times. It will respect the confidentiality of any personal information it may obtain in relation to the public at large and will not pass on customer data to any third-party.


All employees are treated with dignity and respect and offered equal employment opportunities irrespective of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, maternity, marital status, family status, disability, age, or national origin. Employees are provided a safe workplace. The company does not tolerate any form of harassment.

The Lumena work culture is open and flexible and the Company sees these qualities essential to make a workable environment where the sharing of ideas and engagements are encouraged. The Company engages the policy of active listening on all levels, from employer to employee, as the key to facilitating an open-minded think-space critical to fostering kinetic and creative energies necessary for a healthy and growing workplace. We believe this freedom of flexibility is in the interest of the customer as it promotes a nimble mind, and gives employees the space to invent, develop and manufacture the very best in bio-available technology.

The Company

The company respects the biological environment and the need to protect it, and minimize the impact its operations have on it. It is engaged in a continuous program of improvement on environmental issues and opens itself to independent, third-party verification, inspection, and certification of its progress.

Employees of the Company will neither seek, nor except for themselves or others, any gifts, favors, or entertainment, or anything that could be considered an influence over judgement, without a legitimate purpose, and are bound to discuss such activity in the interest of transparency, from any person, business, or organization. The Company, in good faith, seeks to do business with others who engage in the same principles.

Lumena is humbled by and respectful of the power of science and innovation, and are committed to applying it for the benefit of the human race and openly pursue, discuss and support this ideology fully and without reservation.

The Company places the highest importance on health, safety, and environmental protection in the development and use of our products and actively apply these standards to any company associated with us.

We support science-based regulations by U.S. local, state, federal agencies and additionally respect those of foreign governments, in the development and use of our products to safeguard health, ensure safety to the general public, and protect the environment.

The Company will seek to comply with all international, national, and local legislation affecting its operations. It will strive to follow the best practice in corporate governance. It will meet its tax obligations and it will not make any financial contributions or offer support to any political party in the interest of favors or promises that benefit the Company.

We support universal access to sustainable, high-quality health care options.

The Company is steadfast in our devotion to expand the boundaries of science at every opportunity by discovering, developing, and delivering innovative alternative health care solutions. We recognize the significant unmet health needs that are widespread across the globe, and believe that the goals of increasing access to innovative health care solutions should be paramount to ethically responsible companies operating in the industry.

We respect intellectual property rights to maintain commercial viability, both of our own and those of other companies.

We endeavor to listen without prejudice to those who are concerned about the implications of biotechnology, and respond in earnest to their concerns. We are invested in the education of the sciences we employ for the greater good of humanity, and at every opportunity, offer an open platform whereby the public can learn about the work we do, with a goal of creating healthy and fruitful public discourse.

The Company regularly engages in dialogue with consumers, health-care providers, researchers, environmentalists, legislators, and others who share an interest in bioethical issues. Lumena fully accepts those with individual viewpoints that may differ, and attempt to make sure every voice is heard, all opinions are represented and respected throughout the product development process.

We vigorously engage in protecting the confidentiality of all consumer records, information and engagement, both outgoing and incoming. We are fully aware of the fiscal responsibility a company has when engaging with the exchange of monies, and endeavor to facilitate trust through the use of reputable, viable, and secure software, banks and other financial institutions.

Lumena adheres fervently to the individual ethical standards of our scientific research. Additionally, the Company is sensitive to and considerate of the moral and social obligations raised by the research, development, and application of said research. We engage in discussion pursuant of any application of any NEW technology Lumena is itself responsible for, and view the ethical, and social issues are the same for our company (s) as they are for any company engaged in biotechnical advances.

We recognize the Company, to the best of our ability, has an ethical obligation to develop the finest bioavailable products for consumers, and make them available in good time to those who may benefit from them.

We maintain the highest level of integrity in our research, as well as promote productive relationships among industry, academic, and government researchers. We will not engage in monies provided, financial or other compensations, to researchers or clinicians, as a matter of influence to their research results or clinical decision-making. Financial conflicts and potential conflicts of interest would be actively identified, disclosed, and addressed.

Lumena does not engage in or support animal testing on any of our products and seek to do business with the same.

We pledge to advance science-based approaches to regulation and stewardship in agriculturally sustainable ingredients.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe diversity propels innovation forward.

Lumena Pharmaceuticals employees come from unique and culturally varied backgrounds. Our multi-faceted experiences bring strength to our core motivation, and create a cohesive fabric, as we work together towards a common goal.

We trust in a diverse environment, which is inclusive to all our employees, and essential in empowering them to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to foster a workplace space that is open to great ideas, attractive to the best talent, and that produces a deep sense of pride across every person, in every department.

The Company is invested in the achievements of our employees, celebrates individual triumphs, and awards excellence. We understand the importance of providing a work culture which allows accomplishment to blossom, where people feel free to share ideas, and decision-makers actively listen, and act positively on concerns, as we know this fosters success in them and us.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive atmosphere in which all of our employees feel valued, involved, and empowered to make decisions and contributions, which in-turn, drives the success of our company.

What We Are Doing

Lumena devotes resources towards the following workplace initiatives
Corporate Gender Diversity Strategy
Veteran Recruitment Strategy
Diversity & Inclusion Education Curriculum

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In our community and globally
We’re focused on supporting diversity both inside and outside the organization. We contribute to community health initiatives, support social and municipal enterprises, participate in humanitarian initiatives, and are active in our local and national communities.

Health and Safety

We accept as true that safety is the cornerstone of any morally responsible scientific research, most especially, but not limited to, when the end-product is intended for direct consumption.

The Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all of its employees both on and off its sites and facilities. Lumena Pharmaceuticals employs programs including regular health and safety audits, and safety training. The Company applies the same standards to all visitors to its sites.

We care about our use, and how other companies use biotechnology to reduce environmental pollution, and actively engage in sustainability by employing cleaner, bio-friendly manufacturing processes.

We will strive to optimize the cost-efficiencies and environmental advantages and benefits associated with using biotechnology in traditional manufacturing, while protecting human health and the environment.


Lumena Pharmaceuticals suppliers will be chosen on the basis of price, quality, delivery, service, and integrity. The Company’s choice of suppliers will be made objectively, without bias or favor. Trustworthiness, reliability, openness, and only those in good standing, will be the distinguishing factors, and paramount in the Company’s dealings with the vendors we engage, and any company we do business with in the future. Lumena also reserves the right to re-access any existing relationship if any of the aforementioned factors change during the course of any contract already in place.

The Company enters into all agreements with vendors with good faith, best intentions, and reasonable expectations, based on discussions and shared information prior to any and all agreements. Any new materials, info, or disparity that may arise after the contract has been made, in conflict with the Company’s ethical, moral or business standards, gives Lumena the right to reassess, update or remove any terms in conflict with their own, or retreat from the agreement in its entirety.


Lumena Pharmaceuticals trusts in healthy and ethically sound competition and dynamically pursues to compete in a fair market, lawfully and in full accordance of the law. The company will not compete unfairly with others and will not seek to damage the reputation of its competitors, either directly or by implication.

Lumena is invested in building its reputation on the basis of performance and not employing unfair trade practices to advance its share in the market.

The Company will not engage with others who are found to be active in this regard, and will vigorously work against any business practices that support unlevel fields of play.