Product Development

Lumena Pharmaceuticals’s team of formulators, marketing professionals and regulatory associates assist every step of the way during the nutraceutical product development process. Our staff is experienced in production, marketing and in the complex regulatory affairs of nutraceutical product development and distribution.

Our combined years of experience designing, manufacturing and marketing makes us an invaluable resource to our strategic partners and any company looking to bring a new product forward, or enter the competitive nutraceuticals industry.

Lumena is unique

Your project is our project, and when you embark on the often daunting voyage of bringing your idea to life, we are there to guide you every step of the way. Our talented team is expert in each facet of the process, and collaborates through every stage, facilitating a smooth hand-off from one phase to the next.

We give you one-to-one, comprehensive attention. Our clients are constantly telling us they need their facilitators to be reliable and accessible, which is why each one of our projects are assigned a dedicated project manager who specializes in your specific scientific discipline.

We are responsible for your project, and are at our core investigators, and offer creative, new and innovative ways to achieve your ultimate goal, using new methods and bespoke technologies for project advancement. We regularly exercise technical discretion in design, execution and interpretation of experiments that fulfill project goals by contributing 100% to driving the process.

We pay attention to your budget. Time is money, and we respect the fact that budgets are the engines of the creative ventures, so we establish a realistic timetable at the outset of every project. What makes Lumena unique is our commitment to that schedule, which we find, sets the cadence as the project develops. A plan not controlled by forecasting and constant monitoring is doomed to derail, and our adept PM’s understand how keeping control of that pace is as essential as the need to be flexible and imaginative to meet the client’s budget and deliver the best product, on time.

We honor your needs. More importantly, we understand that requirements can change during any project-in fact, we expect it. Therefore, our teams are constantly talking to one another and meeting to discuss your project. The project manager connects with your crew regularly, who then takes your concerns and feedback back to each branch of development, updating or troubleshooting any new wrinkle or change. The best projects are when all parties are on the same page throughout, and we do our best to see yours is one of them.

We are procedural. At our core, we are scientists and believe in the science we design. Our gifted team has a full understanding of and, has the ability to apply established principles, theories and concepts across all disciplines. Project managers require familiarity with current scientific literature, rules and findings as they pertain to your product, and together with capability, we select the correct methods and techniques for obtaining solutions within broadly defined practices.

We are involved. Participation from other divisions is sometimes required at no cost to you. We feel that two heads are always better than one, and often involve added guidance and “fresh eyes” towards finding an answer, where it may have been hidden before. Our goal is to provide our client’s solutions, and we have a big pool of intellect to draw from when the time comes to evaluate difficult problems associated with complicated projects.

We are state-of-the-art. Our advanced laboratory and manufacturing facility is second-to-none in Southern California’s biotechnology hub, and we are staffed with an able-minded team of people who understand how to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of the machines we employ to create a better version of your new product than you may have first realized. Maxing out your expectations is a constant thrill for us.

Trust in Lumena. From the planning and budgetary stages of development, through to design, process development, manufacturing, and final yield, we’ll walk with you and talk to you through every step, providing your company everything it needs to get the best version of your product concept to market, on budget, and on time.

When you entrust us with something this important, we use everything at our disposal to deliver.