Contract R&D

Lumena Pharmaceuticals is one of a few nutraceutical manufacturers with full laboratory capacity, and is uniquely positioned in the industry to offer research and development services for strategic partners in associated industries. Lumena operates a fully functional molecular biological and analytical chemistry lab which allows us to formulate, test and optimize nutraceutical products.

Lumena Pharmaceuticals will be a verified-accredited wholesale distributor of generic pharmaceutical brands, wholesale pharmaceuticals, and specialty generics. We will use our decades of experience in the biotech and nutraceutical industry to adapt to this field, which is known for requiring high attention to detail in the shipping & handling process. We are well versed in the care, logistical challenges and the special handling requirements of the full range of these and other niche categories.

Lumena has the unique capacity to plan, develop and operate, through tactical objectives, that support the company's research and development strategies. We have a determinate overall organizational structure and allocate managerial responsibilities. Lumena invests in leadership, and sees the value between executing a clear path to finishing a project successfully and putting a uniquely qualified project manager at the wheel, who understands the parameters of the task, the customer’s directive, and how Lumena’s capabilities fit into each, to achieve a smooth close to each project.

The project manager oversees the task as a complete project, and directs and supports the team in solving complex problems, utilizing all tools at our disposal. A review process follows through each step of all major projects for constant feedback and assessment.


Additionally, Lumena employs a diverse team of scientists, with years of experience in Molecular biology, immunology and metabolomics who are able to custom tailor R&D programs for each individual client. We understand that the quality of our research and development sector is only as good as our scientists, so we invest in people. We proudly employ Doctorate-level, Master-level, and industry-trained scientists throughout our product development, quality control, and customer service departments.

The R&D Systems Quality Advantage

The strict procedures and astute quality control testing that we require for all of our products will elevate the quality of your research by providing you with a greater confidence in your data and an increased prestige of your publications.

Total control of product development - Lumena uses industry-defining quality tests and standards.
Plan your experiments with confidence - Save time and money for a quality guarantee that ensures consistency for today, next year, or ten years from now.
Reliability - Start focusing on discovery. Our quality standards remove error and inconsistencies in performance as a research variable.
Full Transparency - Make informed decisions. Our performance data tell you exactly what to expect.
Exceptional Technical Service - We have your back, and do everything we can to make your research successful.